The United Way vs The Mourinho Way

While the former Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid man: Jose Mourinho will not have been the most popular choice as the next manager of Manchester United, particularly in the minds of some United fans. It is, however, real and it has happened. Despite doubts over recruitment policy, youth opportunities and playing philosophy, I still find it difficult to envisage anything other than a success story playing out at Old Trafford in the coming seasons. In the months that followed this high profile appointment, reaction has been split amongst the United faithful. Indeed, some craving a return to the glory days sooner rather than years down the line. While others, the more hardened United fan and perhaps the fans with more patience and wanting a return to the traditional United approach of building the new team in a way that would encompass its years of tradition and history.

Justifying the appointment

Appointing the next manager of the club was made even more complicated by what had happened in the post Alex Ferguson era, to, what was the current vacancy and ultimately of course at the expense of Louis Van Gaal. The relative recent failures of both: David Moyes and LVG have almost certainly had a massive impact on the decision to appoint Jose Mourinho. Executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward was under huge pressure to get it right with his third choice and whether it will develop into a story of success or failure, it could actually turn out to be his final managerial appointment at the club. With this in mind, risk taking was very much out of the question.

What can we expect?

Trophies! Well, it kind of goes hand in hand with any club that appoints Mourinho as manager. And like it or not, at some point there will be somewhat cautious, boring, well organised displays of ‘football’ on this journey back to the glory days. The former Porto man has made it work each time and it will likely be no exception at Old Trafford. Player recruitment is another criticism connected to the ‘Mourinho way’ and one which most fans will not be in favour of. Youth could be overlooked, or even neglected, in favour of big money signings and players, who are ready for the instant battle. *And as I write this, Paul Pogba completes his return to the club in a World record 104 euro transfer.


We United fans of a more traditional, almost sentimental mindset, choosing to adapt to the style of an unpopular choice of Manager is all we can do. All while hoping and willing Mr Mourinho to change his ways and adopt a more United way of approaching things. But will it happen? I doubt it and will I complain when the trophies return?  I am not sure I will.


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