New beginnings, outlooks and coffee

Ok, so I’ve threatened to do another small journal type post for a long time now, so here it goes…

My first few weeks have consisted of meeting new people, reading, lectures, tutorials and copious amounts of COFFEE!


I travelled down from Wirral in North West England to my new home with much excitement and equal amounts of trepidation. However, those feelings dispersed fairly quickly and eased further once I had gained more familiarity with my new surroundings.

The University is located in the scenic market town of Buckingham in the heart of the English countryside, it’s not comparable in any way to Stavanger or Tbilisi, it is something altogether different — an unassuming place nestled in its own serenity. I am thrilled with its proximity to London, I can travel to the centre of the capital in just over one hour, while Oxford, Cambridge, Stratford-upon-Avon are all on my to do list.

So far, things are good. Life is interesting again. I’m writing more frequently, learning with each passing day, and observing life/people with a more creative understanding — a crucial characteristic for any writer.




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