Luck, pucks and more coffee

What was it Christopher Isherwood once wrote ‘Life is not so bad if you have plenty of luck and a good physique…’ — I tend to be rather fond of those sentiments.

The past two weeks have involved many early morning runs, most through some of Buckinghamshire’s beautiful countryside surroundings; I have run through fields of green, along the banks of the River Ouse, and even through an enchanted forest (pictures attached). The thing with running I tend to find, is a routine helps enormously, it’s certainly what helps you stay motivated to run regularly — that is the good physique part covered anyway, but what of the luck?


Do you make your own luck or does luck find you? Being in a particular place at a particular time, all has intertwined connections with various degrees of luck — a philosophical point of view, maybe, but an interesting interpretation nonetheless.

FullSizeRender 2

This week — apart from the fitness regime — has consisted of: starting a new job (and quiting on the same day), getting the brief for my new media role with MK Lightening, and resolving some accommodation issues. It has been busy and tiring, but I am at least in a better, more comfortable place for my studies going forward.


I am also trying to find the time to finish the Christopher Isherwood novel Lions and Shadows, it is difficult to find any extra reading time whilst studying, but I am at least making progress. While the coffee is still prevalent too of course — currently I am drinking an Ethiopian fair trade blend.




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